Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Morning doctor visit

No, she's not sleeping, just refusing to open her eyes
Eating in a high chair. Makes meal time a bit easier. Why didn't I think of that. Thanks  Aunt Tomi!
Playing with the doctor's toy. 

2 visitors from back home (always so nice to see a familiar face!)
2 hours of wearing eye patch (trying to strengthen the other eye so it doesn’t cross)
2 pieces of pizza (celebrated my brother’s birthday in the hospital room)
2 hours of napping (yesterday was taxing on her body)
2 minutes of screaming in bath (first real bath in over 2 weeks, didn’t really like it)
2 wagon rides (never can have enough of these)
2 letters in the mail (the nurses like delivering as much as we like receiving)
2 pound weight gain in 24 hours (her, not me, well, maybe me who knows)

And there you have it. Our day in 2’s, interspersed with minor tantrums, cute 2 year old conversations and photo updates of our cute little crew at home. 
At the park with this week's surrogate mother.


Chelsea said...

I know this shouldn't be funny, but it is kind of funny that she refuses to open her eye. It's like she knows the only reason she has the patch on in the first place, is to strengthen the other eye, so she's saying no way. Great idea with the high chair. I also love Carson's loving arms around mom. SO CARSON!

Megan said...

thanks for sharing. i think of you often and wonder how things are going. i love all the pictures of your sweet girl...
keep it up!

Jodi said...

I think it's "funny" too that Clara refuses to open her eye. A true 2-year old. She has been amazing through all of this..very unlike a normal 2-year old, so it just made me laugh.Thank you for sharing. You're all amazing!

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of "Nana" and the kids! She makes a pretty nice grandma if I do say so myself...good choice Tracy (all those many years ago)

Kristin said...

I was driving down Court tonight and saw your cute kids on a bike ride with your parents! I'm sure you know how wonderful they are, but how great that they've just stepped in and kept things running smoothly for the kids. What a blessing! No one is as good as mom, but grandparents make a close 2nd!

Anonymous said...

Discovered your blog just a few days ago. Clara is in my prayers as well as her entire family. I check in daily to check her progress. What a courageous little girl. Thanks so much for sharing your journey.

Paradise said...

She is looking great! I love the picture of her free from IV lines. Enjoy it and here is to leaving the hospital soon and playing nurse at home.

Brenda said...

We are continually praying for good days, strength for your family and a HEALTHY CLARA!