Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunny day in the hospital

This morning after Clara's radiation, the mail came. Our very favorite time of day. Thank you for sending so many fun things our way. Everything is so appreciated. I hope that you can feel the love we have for all of you as you give so much of your hearts to us. Thank you just doesn't seem to do it. We are learning so much from the generosity of friends, family and new friends. And the thoughts and prayers sent heavenward for Clara and our family are undoubtedly the reason we have the strength to carry on. 
Thank you.

This dress came in a package for Clara today. I suggested that we change her into the dress and she emphatically said, "No, Kate wear it." She has a very keen eye for things that Kate likes. Well, with some coaxing I got her to put it on and she traipsed through the halls showing it off.

It was so beautiful outside today, finally some summer weather! We went out on the terrace and I sat down on the little bench and was enjoying the sun's rays. Clara resumed her favored position at the railing by the window. Elbows, on the rail and hands up on her cheeks. She loves to look down below at the park and see the swings and slide at the playground. Cutest thing ever. How can I not take a picture every single time?!

Tomorrow is her last radiation treatment. The plan is to discharge her tomorrow, but that will all depend on how she is doing. Her counts are pretty low right now so we shall see if it happens. The home health came by today and trained me on flushing her Hickman line and giving the neupogen injections. I knew I should have been a nurse!

Here are my summer lovin' kids back at home tonight before bed. I miss those days at the pool. And I miss having us all together all the time. I vow to never take for granted normalcy ever again. Each day is a gift, trite and cliche? Maybe. But, we will be stronger as a family because of this and are learning lessons to take us into eternity, together.

Not one of the trials and tribulations we face is beyond our limits, because we have access to help from the Lord. We can do all things through Christ, who strengthens us.


tharker said...

I agree. You must take a picture when she's standing there so sweetly at the railing. So, so cute!

Look at those red cheeks and happy faces! You will all be together again and one day this will all be a distant memory.

Many continued prayers for each of you, from our home to yours.

Chelsea said...

I too am amazed at people's generosity. Makes me want to be a better person seeing what everyone else is doing. Clara looks so stinking cute looking out that window. Michael and Preppy can't wait to see her sometime soon. Me either!

By the way, I'm pretty sure Kate doesn't need to be wearing flannel pj's to bed, especially with that sunburn! haha (I'm sure you were thinking the same thing)

Jenna said...

I'm praying that you guys will get to take a break from the hospital tomorrow! And I love Clara's new dress!

Dlovesocks said...

The terrace sounds wonderful! I also love being outside. The sun, the breeze, and the smell of summer makes me feel thankful. I love that you're enjoying the little things! I'm still planning to come visit this weekend. I'll check in w/ you on Friday and see where you are.

Jill said...

Love the pose, dress and all of the goodness sent your way.

Back at home---
1. I can attest to the fact that Kate pretty much wears what she wants to wear (very frilly) unless we are very sly. I am learning to hide certain things.
2. I promise I am putting sunscreen on in the morning and afternoon and keeping them out of the sun from noon til two. I think it is the lighting. :)
3. Brian is an amazing father!

glenda said...

WE hope and pray that you both get to come home awhile and be together. You are an amazing family.

Jodi said...

Clara is so adorable! She's all the reasons I would have loved to have a girl. :) You and your family have been so amazing through all of this and I'm praying that you will be able to get some "normalcy" soon.

Jan said...

We do know, know, know and know that you appreciate every single tender mercy.. be it in a package of saltines sent your way or a pretty pink frilly dress..

I ache knowing how much you must be missing normalcy.. gosh Natasha (I want to scream this isn't fair) but that doesn't help anyone.. but I am being honest!

Meeting our Goliath can be a very lonely feeling.. honor all your feelings right now! If they overwhelm you, write them down..

We truly think about you and your family constantly. Even though I may be able to get Mattie ready for the Trek, or be with my parents and family.. know that I am in those moments more because of Clara and you! I completely understand more of how precious those times with the family are! As I live my life, I feel guilty knowing where you are and what you are going through.. but know that your efforts are not going unnoticed and they are making us all better moms and dads and people.

I wish that wishing upon a star could be the simple answer! We love you and pray for you and we will live life better for you!

Candace said...

I love their sun kissed cheeks. I can attest that the kids are having a good time each day. All of the cousins can't get enough of each usual.

Kathryn kelly johnston said...

Natasha I read every one of your posts. You have taught me so much as a mom and especially to be thankful for the smallest moments. I truly think your testimony is changing people. its so amazing. Thank you for sharing this even when its hard. every time I see a picture of clara I just want to hug her..i have never even met her. (my mom says shes adorable) you are an incredible mother and person! :)

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

I believe that quote is outta scripture: Romans 8:18 Could be rong as is my spelling. God bless you. See ya later in Heaven.