Friday, June 3, 2011

A favor

The children and teachers in Clara's Primary at church on Sunday posed for a photographs, drew pictures and wrote Clara notes that were compiled in a scrapbook and delivered to her on Monday. Throughout this past week she has spent many segments of her day turning the pages and looking at the faces of her fellow friends at church. Children who are praying for her and exercising great faith that Clara will get well and be back with them in Primary soon. This scrapbook has proven to be a great distraction for Clara. The best medicine! She loves to look at happy, smiling faces. (who doesn't?) 

I was thinking about so many who ask what they can do. I always say, "keep praying". Now I have an addendum. Will you send a photograph of you or your family? All you who are praying and pulling for Clara?  I want to put them in a photo album so Clara can see smiling faces of people all over the world who are praying and thinking of her. It will be sure to put a smile on her face!

Our home away from home:

Clara Woodward
c/o Sacred Heart Children's Hospital
Pediatric Oncology and Hematology
3 East
101 West Eighth Avenue Room 305
Spokane, WA 99204

In other news, Brian and Baden arrived today. They walked in during a particularly rough time for Clara, but she immediately forgot all of her problems and focused on Daddy.

A short time later a visitor came, Baden was a willing poser, wad of gum in the side of his mouth and all.

We are looking forward to tomorrow when the rest of the family comes for a visit. Hopefully it will lift Clara's spirits as they have been a little down today. The bad days help us to savor the good ones, so we can't complain. She's a strong one though and is getting much of the staff wrapped around her little finger. It's rather impossible not to.


debsters said...

Laurie was truly inspired. It was the perfect way for the children to feel as though they were helping in some way. I wish you could have been there in the room when the kids sang, they did their best!
We love you.

Shannon Lorraine said...

Hello. I spotted your blog from an acquaintance I know on FB. I watched part of the video of her and my heart aches for what you're going through. I have 4 little girls and she could be one of mine. I just want to let you know of some other options that you may or may not be interested in incorporating into her recovery.

Some of it may be harder for a child, but it could be worth it if it would help her body be stronger and it couldn't be worse than her treatments as is. It's a little overwhelming, but there are a lot of options out there in the natural world and I'm sure most people think it's crazy, but they work.

I've watched a documentary about Gerson Therapy...

and read the book about how it is done. It's an alternative cancer treatment that has worked for thousands of people, including some who were deemed terminal.

I've read about Ann Wigamore's therapy and a biography of a women who treated her breast cancer by doing it. (I then did a breast exam on myself to discover a lump that I had an ultrasound done on yesterday and it looks to be benign. I will be doing those MUCH more regularly now!).

I've also read a book about Hoxsey Therapy. All of these things are not allowed in our country anymore because the AMA essentially ran them out of their places over and over again. I am grateful for what we do have in our country to help with these diseases though! Don't doubt that.

I also just saw on a list of survivors after natural treatment of cancer or other diseases, this web site...

This is in Nevada and they use traditional means as well as a lot of other natural helps such as diet, high doses of vitamins, etc. It's worth checking out.

I just want you to know that there are several different therapies out there that could help if you wanted to incorporate them or if God forbid, these treatments aren't working as hoped for.

This web site has information on several different types and a list of patients who've been treated by them.

I pray that she will pull through this. Sending my positive thoughts and prayers to you family. If you don't have the time to read or watch things, you're welcome to call me and I could give you the simplified version of what I've learned thus far.

Shannon Steffler

Tyler and Brittney Mills said...

Hey Natasha, Just wondering what other things clara likes that would make her smile, that would be easy to send along with our pictures. Just text me, 208-709-4676. Your family and little clara are in ours prayers. Stay strong! We love you guys!

tharker said...

We will definitely send a photo! What an awesome idea from a truly inspired Primary president.

Oh, how I love this picture of Batman and Baden! My boys will be so envious ;)