Friday, June 17, 2011

Back at the Ranch

While mom and Clara have been in Spokane, the boys have been doing the following:

Resting in between basketball games in the mountains

Posing for pictures by the river during the fathers and sons campout

Goofing for pictures at the fathers and sons campout.

Playing nice with friends in the mountains

Fashionably hiking trails in brand-new WalMart shoes.

Side note - our new fathers and sons tradition includes going to WalMart on our way out of town to buy a cheap pair of shoes that may or may not make it home in one piece.

Kicking home runs

Scoring sweet hats at Cub Scout day camp. Some kids are too cool for cowboys hats :)

These children of ours are remarkably resilient. Much more so than mom and dad. I'm leaving to take the oldest 2 up to Spokane to see Clara and Mom in about 10 minutes.


Gail said...

Carson told me he was really excited that he would be able to go see Clara on Friday when I had him in class on Sunday - what a sweet boy you are raising :) We are praying for your beautiful Clara!

vvjenks said...

Just letting you know that we think about your little Clara and her sweet family often. You are all in our prayers, even if you hardly know us!

Thomasene said...

Every member of the Brian/Natasha family are rock solid strong.

Kristin said...

I may have to borrow that tradition after seeing the state of my boys' shoes after father/sons.

Jill said...

One of the "Tender Mercies" is how well the children are doing. That is a huge blessing! It may not be easy to pry them away from Spokane today when we are ready to head home.

luvdolls said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures! All of your kids are so great! I love the last picture of the one in the middle with his arms around his brothers! :) From, Krystal