Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of School Part II

Here he is, Carson, in all his Kindergarten glory.
We're going to pretend that this was taken before his first day of Kindergarten (the whole hour and ten minutes)this afternoon. When in reality it's after because I forgot to put the battery back in the camera when I went to drop him off.

Lest he be forgotten, this is Baden who requested I also pick him up in front of the neighbor's house on my way to get the boys this afternoon. Preschool starts next week.

The boys had a great day from what I can tell. I've continued the tradition that my mom had of videotaping us when we came home from our first day of school. Chandler gave a few details, and Carson just sat there in silence with a little grin (just like his Uncle Devin). So there you have it, I know you were all waiting on pins and needles. Ok, maybe not you, but Grandmas and Grandpas were.

And now I'll just enjoy the best part of school starting.
Peace and quiet at 8:30pm.

First Day of School Part I

It's a windy, cooler and not so summery out there today which almost makes it easier to send the boys to school. If they can't be outside playing, they might as well be at school. Don't you agree?

We always had a pictures of all the siblings (school age and not) in front of the school, so as not to break tradition. Here is ours.

The new 2nd grader doing a forced pose in front of the Ruth Livingston sign. He will surely become less compliant posing here in the coming years.

I think he's finally gotten excited about starting school again.

Stay tuned for Part II chronicling Carson's first day of (afternoon) Kindergarten and 7 minutes he'll spend there.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

O be wise

It came to me in a moment of inspiration a couple nights ago as I was thinking about the boys returning to school and the 'fresh start' that seems to accompany the beginning of a new school year: Hold a family home evening lesson centered around the scripture :
O be wise, what can I say more?

Elder Ballard gave a general conference talk on the very same scripture. As I read the first couple of paragraphs I was even more convinced that it would be the prefect topic for us to teach our children before they start school.

All day Monday I'm thinking how I can pull it all together and keep the children's attention.
And then it comes to me. Candy.

And so, on Monday eve after the formalities of the opening of our meeting,
I presented a bowl of Swedish Fish.
So hard to decide.
They all pick one (or two).

Then I tell them there are yellow, green, orange and red fish in the bowl.
I give them a minute to decide which color they would like.
They announce the which color they want and take a fish.
So much easier to take when you know what your decision is ahead of time.

(you see where I'm getting with this?)

We discuss how it is important to decide now what we will do when we are faced with choices.
It is much easier to take a stand on something if we have already decided what we will do.
We talked about how we are blessed to have standards to live by.
They help us make wise choices.

Next, the "test."
Typical hypothetical scenarios.
I'm happy to report they passed with flying colors.

The lesson ended by each son receiving a father's blessing from their father.
A source of comfort for the child.
And their mother.

Now school can begin.

Monday, August 25, 2008


We said goodbye to Elder Lybbert yesterday after he bore a tender and sincere testimony of Christlike attributes. He has been well prepared to serve a mission.

Yes, there were tears (Chandler cried for 2 hours last night) . But there is nothing we'd rather have him do. He is on the Lord's errand now. We couldn't be happier. Not only is he doing what he needs to do. He's doing what he wants to do. The people in Texas are lucky to have him.

You can read up on Andrew's mission experiences in the T.H.E. Mission for the next two years here.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Last Weekend of the Summer

Where did the time go? I'm happy to say it's been a fun and busy summer. But, we have one last thing to check off our list. Visit to the library. We haven't been once, I guess we've been playing too much, well, that and taking Kate to a place with thousands of books on bookshelves just waiting to be thrown to the ground doesn't sound like much fun to me. At all. I think I'll have all the boys go tomorrow afternoon when the Miss Kate is sleeping. That sounds much better.

I read this article several weeks ago and it keeps coming back to me. I am determined to make the most of each day. Some days and moments will surely take a little more effort and patience. Will you join me?

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

Gone swimmin'.

We've got 10 days and counting till school starts. So that means ten days to take advantage of no schedule (my personal favorite), warm temps, late mornings, playing and pool time. Then I have to release my oldest two out to the world and hope that everything I've taught them this summer doesn't come unraveled.

I'm not ready. Are you?

Friday, August 15, 2008


I love this inadvertent family portrait that someone captured with my camera. Just so happens to be the only one we have from Tuesday.
Football after swimming. With shirts off.

Baden pretending he's a race car driver on a trike wearing Superman Pjs (with a "skirt on the back, as he refers to it).

Kate soaking it all in while sitting in the middle of the driveway eating a graham cracker.

Not to be outdone by his younger brother, Carson, speeding around.

Where's Chandler? Sitting on the couch. Wishing he was someone else.

Enjoy the heat.
We'll enjoy it all dressed up at a reception.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Chandler joined me bright and early this morning, 6:00 am to be exact, on a drive out to the country to pick flowers from some generous friends. On our drive out of the city limits Chandler said, "I wonder what it's like to live out in the country?" So naturally, I turned the question to him and asked what he thought it was like. "Peaceful and quiet," he said, then added "That's what I want my life to be like. Peaceful and quiet." So we enjoyed some peace and quiet during our time in the country. And then we came home (not peace and quiet, Baden woke up).

I'll be a busy bee today arranging these pretty flowers. Pictures of wedding festivities tomorrow.
Enjoy some Peace and Quiet today.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Once upon this weekend three equally excited boys and their dad (who pretended to be excited) departed for the great backyard to sleep under the stars.

Meanwhile, inside the house the babe slept and Cinderella kept busy organizing, cleaning and throwing out stuff all through the night and all day Saturday.

And there is still more work to do!


Friday, August 1, 2008

Meet My New Babysitter

Now for some links:
Ensign inspiration for my parenting was found here.
Also, I performed a little experiment without even realizing it.
Not getting my scripture study in makes me a lousy mother.
No, seriously. Total loss of control, no patience and completely crazy.
So I got back on track and the first thing I read was this:
when ye are in the service of your fellow beings [my children] ye are only in the service of your God.
Just what I needed.
A good example to me of mothering service is my friend Avery. I cry every time I read. She's amazing.