Monday, June 20, 2011

so tired

This month in the hospital has caught up to me, I am so tired today. 
Quick update and then I'm going to join Clara in dreamland.

I suggested to the doctor that we change up her oral pain med times to 8am and 8pm instead of 12am, 8am, 4pm. It is a bit selfish on my part I guess. I won't miss waking her up at midnight to squirt medicine down her throat. Not very enjoyable for her either. I'm hoping this new routine will be okay for her.

She is tolerating the radiation well and Thursday may be her last treatment for now. The radiation oncologist explained how he was going to determine if she'd had enough, but it went right over my head.

There was talk about discharging her on Wednesday. Not for "home-home" but near the hospital "home". We have to stay local. And yes, that stinks. No way around it. Gearing myself up for playing nurse. Shots, dressing changes, IV flushes etc. will be my responsibility. Nevertheless, this is the week her counts will start to plummet so we will see if she escapes fevers and infections that would keep us in here. Hopefully she can escape it all. I think we would both enjoy a change of scenery for a few days. Even though there will be a lot of back and forth for labs and tests. 

I think Clara has been tired today too, she hasn't been quite herself. Maybe feeling a little lackluster after her escapade out of the hospital yesterday. She begged me to go in the "blue car" quite a bit today. 

Tomorrow's a new day and that is the joy of going to sleep. A new beginning in the morning.  


Krista said...

Natasha, we love you so much. Your last sentence did me in. You, too, are an angel.

Joy said...

Praying for nothing to impede your change of scenery!

Anonymous said...

We are praying for little Clara and your family everyday. I receive so much strength from your testimony and faith.

JanelleB said...

I wanted to say that your family is amazing, I just found out about Clara and she has touched my soul. I think you are incredibly strong Natasha and an example to all women and mothers. Clara is amazing and as I read your blog I felt the spirit so strongly. Clara will remain in my daily thoughts and prayers and I will do extra temple days for her until she is well again. You are also in my prayers, I hope I will find a way to do more than this for her.

Jessica said...

We will also be praying for change of scenery for the two of you. Thanks for your strong faith. Your family continues to strengthen mine.

Brenda said...

I hope you get your "mini vacation" away from the hospital. It has got to be so hard when she just wants to go play. I am sure you just wish you could swoop her up and run away for a little while. I will be praying for you!

tharker said...

Crossing my fingers that you two will be in a new "home" away from the hospital very soon.