Tuesday, June 21, 2011

happy day

The happy crew on Saturday. The first time Clara has been able to walk when they've come to visit.
Clara talks non-stop about these brothers and sister of hers. Her main conversation starters are: "Kate at my house," "Kate at ballet," over and over again. She clearly misses them. Yet somehow she seems content to be away from home, like she knows that she's suppose to be in the hospital getting better. 
Late this afternoon she woke up from her nap uncomfortable and in a lot of pain. Her nurse brought the pain medicine and I gave it to her in all her fury. About 15 minutes later she calmed down and said to me, "Thanks mom for medicine. Feel better." It's amazing what she comprehends. She is an angel. 
She is now unhooked during the day and will continue to get her fluids through the night. It is liberating for her to be able to move for hours at a time free from the pole. She had a great time delivering some thank-you gifts kind friends have sent for her to hand out to nurses and doctors. She loved it! (Thank you Makala and Joann.) 
One of her very favorite people is Tom, the janitor. She's always wondering where he is, wants to track him down and gets frustrated if he passes by without saying hello. She loves her nurses too. I overheard a nurse telling another today that Clara brings brightness to the floor. I would have to agree. Her sour moods are quickly overshadowed by cuteness and happiness. It makes their job more pleasant as well as mine.
And will we be discharged tomorrow? That is a good question. I still have no idea. We'll just keep doing what we're doing and it will all work out. It always does. I'm learning this more and more each day. I'm not in control and that is a good thing. If I were I would surely be depriving myself of opportunities to grow and learn through experiences such as the last 4 weeks. Submitting to the will of the Lord in all things and having faith in His ability to comfort and guide through all things is the only way to find joy and happiness in the storms of life.  


Shannon Lybbert Low said...

For lack of better words, I'll quote one of my favorite children's books..."Wow...all she could say was wow". Thats how I feel about Clara and everything I read from your's and Brian's hand. I will send you the book so you can quote from it too. :) I love you!

Marilyn said...

Thank you for letting Madeline and I visit yesterday. It was a special experience for us and we won't soon forget Clara's sweet "Thank you's".

You really are amazing!

Kauer Family said...

It is so great to see how Heavenly Father Strengthens us through our trials. Your family is truly beautiful. We are praying for you and sweet Clara. I love reading your posts. What a wonderful little girl you have who is truly wise beyond her years.

Jan said...

Love the family picture :)

All Tom has to say is Chili, and Clara melts... so funny!

Liberating for sure little Clara.. without the pole. Keep being so sweet and strong ok :) We love you sO much.

VanessaSmith said...

I just love seeing pictures of all your kids together. You can just tell they love eachother so much.

Melissa said...

So glad she is having a good day and could see her siblings! Praying that as each day passes they get brighter and happier for her!

Anonymous said...

This is the most darling picture ever. Clara looks like she is glowing with happiness . It just doesn't get anymore cuter than that. I saw this last night and have thought about all of their sweet smiles all morning. Take care and know you are all in our prayers.
Love, Jera