Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloweens past

Mishawaka, Indiana. 1st year of grad school.
Sweet baby Carson was born. (I could totally
have him again.) If I remember correctly we had to
force little bear into his costume. If only we
could have seen into the future and known
he would one day become an avid costume-

South Bend, Indiana. The best thing about this
picture is Chandler wet his pants while I was
taking their pictures in the cold, musty stairway
of our South Bend apartment complex.
( I was so mad!)

Puyallup. Ok, those pumpkins look really stupid. And
Chandler is an elephant. I tried to get all homemade
that year and came up with that pitiful ensemble.
Does our house look pink to you? It really did in the
sunlight. It made me sick every time I drove up
to it. People told me it didn't look pink, but I know
they were lying.

Mesa, AZ. Enjoying our 1st balmy Halloween.
This is about when Baden started his torturous
screaming. Still waiting for it to stop.

It's pretty sweet when you go to Sea World and buy a silly hat your child insists on, pull it out at Halloween and throw on an oversized orange shirt and call it a costume)

It would appear that 2006 was a hard year to pin all the kids down for a picture together. We enjoyed our 2nd Halloween in AZ with our friends and neighbors in the cul-de-sac where they dished out hot dogs instead of chocolate.

And last year. All together, but not looking at the camera.
This is so much the story of our life.

Look again tomorrow for more costume repeats and a cute little witch.

Just the facts, mam

Wow it's been awhile. Not only does the laundry, cleaning, paperwork and grocery shopping go by the wayside when one finds herself nauseas, but blogging does as well. But, Brenda has summoned me from my hibernation. 5 weird facts about me. Maybe they aren't weird, I don't know. Can you relate?

I hate surprises. That's why I always, always look at the back of the book so I can rest assured all will turn out alright. Ok, ok, I've also been known to take a peek at my Christmas presents. But that was in my younger days.

I think going to the hospital to have a baby is the funnest. I seriously get a little jealous when women I know go to have a baby. The anticipation, excitement and I love me an epidural.

I totally fake sleep in the middle of the night when a baby cries or a child comes in our room. I know this is usually the husband's job to fake, but I've reversed the roles. (hope Brian's not reading)

During the heat of the summer when I've had the AC on in the car, after I've arrived at my destination I like to just sit there for awhile as the car heats up. Love it.

I have to paint "toenails" on my pinky toes because mine are basically non-existent. That must be weird because when anyone notices, they say, "that's so weird."

Now, if you find yourself wondering what to do when your husband leaves on a Thursday night to help with an "emergency move" consider yourself tagged.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Boy humor

Grandma gifted us 3 whoopee cushions in her annual Halloween box. Only one has survived. I've spotted the remaining yellow boy giggle buster on Brian's office chair (since the yellow against the black won't give it away), on guests' seats at the dinner table, the couch, under pillows and so forth.

Today, a sneaky boy placed it in Kate's high chair.

I'm still laughing...

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Prophet Speaks

My very favorite semi-annual event is this weekend. General Conference. I can hardly wait. A professor I had one year at BYU challenged our class to have 4 things that we had questions about and were seeking answers to, and promised that we would hear the answers in General Conference. And of course I did, so I have made it a habit to mentally, if not physically write down what I need direction on so I can listen for and recognize inspiration as it comes. It is a blessing to hear the Lord's Prophet and Apostles speak. In this day and age there are so many ways to particitpate. Internet, radio, TV as well as the written word in a matter of days. I think of the people in ancient times who traveled many miles and pitched their tents to hear a prophet speak. I imagine the enthusiasm and committment they had in their desire to know God's will through His chosen prophet. Our prophet today President Thomas S. Monson is the prophet chosen for our day. So this weekend we will be "pitching our tents" towards our television and hear God's servents deliver to us the messages He would have us hear. Isn't that amazing?

Chandler has requested a breakfast casserole on Sunday morning (because he can't stop thinking about it?? I only hope I can stand to make it!)

And because children get squirmy and have a tendency to lose focus here is something that you might want to print off for your young ones.

Brian's aunt posted some on our family website that I can't link, but if you'd like them email me and I'll send them to you.

Have a spiritual weekend!