Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Need some canvas for your wall?

My sister tuned me into this deal of a deal here.

I think these will look smashing on the wall along my stairs.

I'm what you call an amateur. Or actually probably less than that. Cheapskate is probably a better label. I know they don't all look the same, but that's look I was going for.

Monday, November 17, 2008

I'm Back

Just when I thought it would never end, it did. Round-the-clock gross feeling that is. A lot of things have been neglected except for the all important Christmas shopping, did that all online 3 weeks ago (best ever).

I just uploaded pictures from my camera for the first time in about a month.

So here you have Halloween 2008 which I'm sure is just what you wanted to see today.

The witch and the last minute switcheroo to an Indian

and last years Christmas presents turned Halloween costumes, good idea if you ask me.

Now, on to more current events.

is a self proclaimed writer. Here's a recent composition I liked (misspellings and all):

I love the word cougar because thats my favorite football team. BYU! My favowrite BYU football players are, Max Hall, Brice M., Harvey Anga. Max Hall is the number one qarterback in the state of Utah. Harvey is runing back. Cougars are powerful and are meat eating mashins. I love cougars.

Does it get any better than that? Well I'm a little biased I guess. His Christmas gifts to siblings and other deserving loved ones is going to be an illustrated "story" or encylopedia entry as I like to think of them, customized according to each person's interests.

Carson is happily back in school this week after a week long sabatical thanks to cancellation of Kindergarten classes for parent-teacher conferences. For a 6 year old this boy knows how to help, let me tell you! Dishes? check. Laundry? check. Toilets? check. Vacuuming? check. He'll even change Kate's wet diapers and do anything to meet any other needs she has. It's not surprising that she has begun calling for "Carson! Carson!" when she wakes up in the mornings and from naps. Everyone needs a Carson in their family.

is continuing his mission to help me master patience and other Christlike attributes. Thankfully his humor keeps things in check. Comments like:

I have the nicest bedroom in the family because I'm the nicest one in the house. When I was mean I had plain walls. (mmm, what's changed)
How ‘bout if tomorrow when I wake up it’s my birthday?
When I grow up I’m gonna be a mean super hero and help the bad guys.
I need my pet.
If you give me a cookie, I’ll give you eleventy twelve dollars.
Ella’s a good cook. (after she masterfully arranged the play food on plates)
Can I borrow this map so I can find the airport?

is in the middle of a vocabulary explosion. Except of course when you prompt her to say something. She's become very good at verbally discipling her brothers though her jabber isn't always coherent. I think she'll make a great tattle-tale. Like any other girl she's obsessed with all things baby, princess, pretty and domestic (play kitchen of course)and I couldn't be happier!