Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A "True Love" Story

My grandparents in 1954
Little did they know how their family would grow:
9 children
48 grandchildren [soon to be 50]
11 great-grandchildren [and counting]
Mr and Mrs C. spent the early years of their marriage
working side by side as they built, tilled, and planted.
Grandma remembers a gift she received one year:
An aluminum measuring cup and salt & pepper shakers.
Sure it wasn't much, but it meant "he had thought of me."
Thoughtful Simple Useful
"You never know what the future holds," she told me,
"be frugal."
Indeed, words to live by.
50 Years Later
My grandparents in 2004
[grandpa died later that year]
I don't have many years of experience,
but I do know from observation
that the gifts of
Service Kindness Love
are what matter most.
And those my friends are priceless.

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