Friday, February 8, 2008

Sink or Swim?

Figuratively speaking we all want to swim, or at least keep our head above water. Why is it so hard to do sometimes? I've been thinking a lot lately about balance and trying to keep from sinking. I thought about some of my "flotation devices" so to speak that keep me afloat. Nothing groundbreaking of course, but sometimes I forget that I have access to these, or what a powerful, yet simple tool they can be.

  • This magazine: February's issue has taught me, edified me, and strengthened me. Goldmine. That's all I will say.

  • Exercise: I've started rolling out of my electric blanket warm bed @ 4:30 two mornings a week to meet a friend at the gym to lift some iron. The other days (most of the time) I run.

  • Church: Sundays are often a juggling act and to remember what I heard is...hard. But, I always try and remember one thing to take away from the meeting, if I can write it down, that's a bonus. It might be an impression, something I need to work on, or a topic I need to study more. When I do this I leave from the 3 hour block with something to carry me through the week.

  • Timeout: What momma doesn't need a timeout? I sure I do. Some weeks I need more than one!

  • Prayer: I read this scripture the other day. He wants to help me with this. Do I try and do things the hard way sometimes? Yes. So I am working on doing better at this.

  • Friends: Some are related, some are old, some are new, but they all are just what I need.

  • Scripture Study: I have had a more meaningful and a more inspired scripture study the last 6 months as I have kept a scripture journal. I remember more of what I'm reading and learning and would say I notice more. This has added a whole new dimension to personal application of the scriptures. It took me way to long to start this!

Keep swimming! What keeps you "afloat"?

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