Monday, February 25, 2008

Air Andrew

Meet Andrew, my youngest brother, otherwise known as the "golden child." [He knows it too.] I don't think he's ever done anything wrong in his life, well, except for that Sunday afternoon a couple of years ago when he and a cousin snuck away on bikes to check out the local landslide, and even then I think the blame was placed on the cousin for taking Andrew's better judgment away for a period of time.
Andrew plays basketball. However, his season just ended on Friday night. The whole way home from his game for over an hour, my parents talked about him as though we had just attended his funeral. I'm pretty sure they've never talked about me for such a lengthy period of time or with the same exuberant praise. Can you guess who encouraged me to do a post on Andrew? I'll give you a clue, it wasn't Andrew.

Before every game Andrew watches some movie from Michael Jordan's glory days to get pumped up.

Here he is, pumping up the team before tip-off. [wearing the purple warm-ups]

He's a good sport. Except for this time [it really was a bad call.]

He has a good shot too. [He actually missed this one, but he made some others, I just didn't catch it in time.]

He goes for the rebounds. He's plays defense with a smile. When they grow up, my boys want to be "just like" Andrew and I sure hope they do.

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