Monday, February 11, 2008


I like that word. And I've decided to do more of it.
[ Not my food, but my life. ]

I'm going to SAVOR:

  • the bouncing ball and the flying football [in the house].
  • the 6 little feet racing around the kitchen.
  • reading "one" more book.
  • cleaning up toothpaste residue on the bathroom counter.
  • discovering holes in knees of jeans.
  • toys littering the floor.
  • artwork scattered across the table.
  • snacktime before bed.
  • listening to sincere child prayers.
  • chaotic family home evenings.
  • finding missing socks.
  • family scripture study.
  • "encouraging" piano practice.
  • catching little boys jumping on beds.
  • Cheerios on the floor.
  • paper airplanes flying.
  • fingerprints on the windows.
  • the I love yous.

Savor the moment.

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