Saturday, July 30, 2011

Quick Update

This morning at about 7:15 the nurse came into our room to get Clara prepped for surgery. Fortunately, there weren't any delays and they got her right in to the OR. While we were in surgery prep, the anesthesiology nurse asked Clara if she wanted to go blow up a balloon (code word for inhale laughing gas). Clara jumped out of my arms and into hers, thrilled at the chance to get a balloon. It was perfect.

An hour later the surgery was done and Clara had her line back in, albeit in a new location - more scars, ugh! She came out of sedation with an atypical "I sleeped good." Very cheery and happy, which isn't normal for someone who has just had her insides explored.

We brought her back to her room, got her situated, and dressed, and she's been sleeping ever since. Poor little girl needs to make up about 12 hours of missing sleep from the last 2 days.


Thomasene said...

I am glad that all went smoothly today.

Candace said...

I'm sure you are glad that's over.

Teresa said...

Brian and Natasha - Our prayers continue to be with you, Clara and your family. We love you and appreciate your examples. Keep up the good fight.

Krista said...

I think daddy should have caught up on his sleep as well. Better days are ahead.