Monday, July 11, 2011


Tonight marks 7 weeks since the beginning of Clara's fight. So far, she's winning. Clara has come so far in the last 7 weeks it's incredible. Today, as Brian and I were watching her run and play with her siblings around the hospital we both agreed that she looks and acts like she's all better and we should be able to take her home forever. If only...

The challenge this week is keeping Clara content tethered to her IV pole. The hour I've begged to keep her unhooked proves to be the happiest and fastest part of our day. She has been feeling much better than expected with this 3rd round of chemo. She just has a few sick moments each morning and then she is good to go! And that's exactly what she wants to be doing---going. We are so grateful she has that desire and ability at this point. I'm savoring these good days because I know they won't always be around. 

Our Lybbert fan club, just missing Clara and I
Clara and I looked at every picture from the Hope for Clara 5k on Saturday. She loves the pictures just as much as I do. I shed many tears seeing the faces of so many who walked and ran in honor of Clara. Your support does more for Brian and I than you will ever know. 

This evening while she was still unhooked before we sent off Brian and the kids she ran onto the elevator after someone got off. She was determined to push the button and go down the elevator to the car and didn't want me anywhere near her. Maybe she thinks I'm holding her captive. She put up an impressive toddler fight when I picked her up and brought her back to the room. The whole floor know how mad she was. Yes, she is definitely feeling better!
very determined
Since tonight is Clara's last dose of chemo the plan all along was for her to be discharged Monday. The only problem is, she isn't eating. At all. Besides the handful of blueberries she had today she hasn't eaten for several days. Her beloved sippy cup of milk that has always pulled us through is being refused. Tonight she took a sip and said, "Milk is gross!" She's thriving on IV fluids because she's maintaining her weight. Tomorrow morning the doctor decided to take her off of the fluids to see if she will have a desire to eat and drink. Hopefully her appetite comes back so we can be out of here until the next go round at the end of the month. Afterall, home is the best place to heal.


tharker said...

I love this picture of her in the elevator. It sounds like she's a very determined girl all the way around. She's fighting this cancer and it is working! Go Clara!!!

I hope you get the food thing figured out soon and are able to go home for a few weeks!

Brian and Jennifer said...

She knows just what she's doing in that elevator. So cute, but so sad she can't go. Hoping she can go home again very soon for awhile! She's such a trooper!

I was bummed I wasn't able to attend the 5k. Sounds like it went well. I'm so glad!

My thoughts and prayers continue for your family! ---Jennifer Lloyd

LKP said...

praying she gets more home-time soon! ::hugs::

Jodi said...

I love her determination.

Kate RN said...

I'm an RN here at SHMC and saw a flyer in our PACU area, put up by Clara's great-Aunt, another RN here. Just wanted to offer love and support for that little fighter and your family! You all have been through a lot and are an example of strenth to many others. I like your quote at the top of your page. Yes, all things can work for our good in the grand scheme of things - with only the right attitude. Hang in there!
-Kate RN

Sarah said...

2 such opposite emotions when I see this picture. I smile at her determination, and am sad that she can't go! Both lead to the same desire... I just want to squeeze her with all the love of my heart.

Don't know how we missed the announcement of the 5K. Maybe because we were in another stake the week before. We really wished that we could have been there! We love your family, and hope so much for you. You are in EVERY prayer.

Susan said...

oooh isn't she awesome.

Cajsa said...

I agree, milk is gross! I hope she starts eating soon and that she can heal at home. That run/walk for Clara was fun and I am glad someone organized it. I needed a little inspiration to get some exercise!