Thursday, July 14, 2011


Clara was released from the hospital on Tuesday evening. She was ecstatic as you can see.

Before we left our friend Nettie brought Clara a doll that has a pseudo hickman line just like Clara. She knew just what to do. Washing the tubies with alcohol wipes, flushing the tubies with saline and drawing blood. She definitely needs to be a nurse some day.

I was a little apprehensive to bring her out of the hospital to our Spokane home because of the nausea and was really questioning it during the night Tuesday, if you can imagine. But, after resting the day away on Wednesday, she only had one episode today. This girl is amazing.

Brian, Baden and Kate came back from the lake Wednesday evening to be with us. Clara is on cloud nine. So am I. Brian and I decided that for the rest of the summer we will live in Spokane in this basement apartment all together. It's going to be...awesome! Brian will just commute. This is such a blessing to be able to stay here. The Rawlins' are complete angels.

Tomorrow morning she needs to go back in for labs, her counts should be on their way down, but based on her energy level today I wonder if they actually are! But, tomorrow is a new day...

As for me, I have been able to get out and get some exercise the past two days. After two months of sedentary living, it is invigorating.

Well, I better stop, I've done this with my phone and it is a pain. Thank you friends for your continued prayers and generosity. In the next day or two I'll post a video of how the prayers are being answered.


Nicole said...

While your kids are in Spokane if they need to get out and move around a bit, they are welcome to come over any time. I could even come get them. We could take the boys to Silverwood with us or places like that too.

Dlovesocks said...

How great to be able to spend the summer together as a family! Miss seeing your smiling face!

Thomasene said...

She would be a great nurse.

::lindsay said...

How cute is she with that doll! I'm glad you guys will be together the rest of the summer!