Friday, July 22, 2011


Today we were advised to not bring the kids with us to Seattle for Clara's stem cell transplant. I almost started to cry right there in the clinic. Disappointing for sure, but I'd been doing some reading on transplant and had pretty much come to the same conclusion. 

I know it will all work out. It has so far and always does. Not how I'd have chosen many times, but always so much better. 

We have about five more weeks of togetherness (minus the next two chemo rounds) and we are soaking it all in. The past week has been heavenly with all seven of us together under the same roof for more than 3 nights. It's also been a week doused in reality: some arguing, some timeouts, some messes, some insanity. Tonight Baden said the family prayer and closed with, "Please help us to wake up happily and play outside." Sometimes my boy is so perceptive!

Baden making styrofoam "snow". Big mess! But, look at that happy face! Totally worth it. 
Will you offer extra prayers for Clara this week before her chemo starts on Wednesday? Pray for her body to respond to the treatments she is getting. Miracles happen and we hope it is God's will that she will be healed...soon. Thank you friends for your prayers, cards, messages, packages and generosity. I can't say it enough. We are touched every single day by the kindness and love we feel from you. You are a blessing to us and not a day goes by that we don't pray you will feel our gratitude.We love you.  


Thomasene said...

Your entire family all 7 of you are an example to the rest of us

Kati said...

Clara and your family are constantly in our prayers. We are praying for a complete healing. Hang in there! Your family gives us hope that no matter what happens it will all work out.

Krista said...

It was so fun to go to the park with you and let all the kids play by the water and feed the ducks. Jenna and Cash and Kent and I went away feeling sad to leave but happy to see how happy you all seem together. It was a very fun day. We plead every day for Heavenly Father to bless her tiny body to respond and heal, that she will be able to run and play without any disease running rampant in her little self. We love all of you so much.

LKP said...

ordering up some more prayers for clara's body to respond well this week. :) love you guys!

Chelsea said...

We have been gone for a few days to Oregon and we missed our Clara updates. Love you Clara and we hope everything goes smoothly this week.

Alicia said...

We pray for Clara constantly. Not a prayer is said by our sweet Macy that doesn't include "please bless that Clara's cancer will be cured soon." I'm sure after so many weeks it might start to feel like people don't have Clara on their minds as much as that first week but I want to assure you that we do. Not only us Lepperts but so many others too. Everywhere I turn I see another person wearing a pink, white or grey bracelet with Clara's name on it, even random people in unexpected places. It gives me hope to see that we are all still rallied around you, talking about Clara, praying for Clara and your family, thinking of ways to help and show our support. It is our collective goal to see you through this, til the whole ordeal is over. Your family is incredible, and you, as a mother, are inspiring. Your strength and faith and trust in the Lord are inspiring. It's because of that that I know your family will come out on the other side of this better, stronger, and even closer to God than most people only hope for. We love you, and we will pray our most fervent, pleading prayers this week that little Clara will respond to this round. Maybe a fast is in order? Let me know if a group fast is put together, or if you would like me to get one going over here. I would be happy to. I feel like I just babbled on for a long time. Hopefully some of it made sense. :) hang in there, Natasha. Like you say: one day at a time.

lovely lindsay said...

thinking of you tonight, natasha. sending love.
love, lindsay

lovely lindsay said...

thinking of you tonight, natasha. sending love.
love, lindsay