Tuesday, July 12, 2011

energizer bunny

The good news is Clara finally ate some normal food today. The bad news is she wasn't able to keep any of it down. One of the chemo drugs she had this last round is a rough one. The nausea side effect can last up to five days after the last dose. She bounced back mighty quick after each episode today, and there were quite a few of them. One thing is for sure, she has got a lot of energy and loves to strut her stuff. She wouldn't take a nap till 5pm and then woke up at 7pm. So tonight, while all the other children were sleeping, Clara was roaming the halls and hanging out with her nurse friends at the nurses' station. She was off her IV for most of the day today which is probably why she didn't sleep. Tonight she will get some fluids and Zofran in hopes that she can be discharged tomorrow morning. I helped her say a prayer tonight before she went to sleep (11:30!) that she can feel better so she can leave the hospital. It was completely adorable! She really wants to get out of the "hopsbitall".

Clara talked to Brian on the phone tonight while he is single-parent-vacationing at the annual week at Priest Lake. The kids are having a blast playing with cousins, tubing and playing in the frigid water. I'm glad Clara doesn't know what she is missing out on. I hope next year Clara and I will be there and this will all be but a memory.


Aunt Debbie said...

I know they are missing you there, but we are all grateful she is doing so well. I would love to see you this weekend--not nearly as much as I would love for you to be home with your family!! We are praying for that, too.

Shannon Lybbert Low said...

The way that girl holds the phone you would think it's her own! Love it!

Paradise said...

I am sooooo happy Clara was released from the hospital (and you too, Natasha). You both are super tough! I love the picture of Clara. She looks great and like you said, it seems like the cancer should be gone. Keep plugging away at her road map and next year you WILL be vacationing with your family. You are always in my prayers.

Maureen Hales said...

Brian & Natasha,
Would you consent to me using some of your thoughts to share for a spiritual thought I will be giving for an upcoming phone conference with other Area Medical Advisors?
Though I don't comment often please know that Clara and you are in our prayers.
With love,
Elder & Sister Hales