Friday, January 15, 2010


my children think I'm the best.

Brian is somewhere in the mountains snow camping with 12 year old Boy Scouts (no thanks!).
So that leaves the date night planning up to me.
Dinner at Pizza Hut with my favorite five and Netflix instant-play Looney Toones circa 1979 (their choice).
You should hear the giggles in our family room!  I don't know if I've heard them laugh like this in a long time. In all fairness I do think that Brian should have the same opportunity in the near future.
Now wouldn't you agree?


LKP said...

i agree. so how about time out for women in spokane at the end of april?! dani wake & i are going. you can come along if you'd like!

Shayla said...

Just as long as your end of the bargain doesn't entail snow camping in the mountains with 12 year old boy scouts. :-) Or snow camping at all. We love Looney Toons from Netflix instant play at our house. Good stuff.

Emily Ferrell said...

I totally agree. A nice trip to sunny AZ would be a good trade off. Ryan just got back from his 17 day trip to Dubai and I am already planning my vacation alone. Of course it won't be for 17 days but a few days is better than nothing.