Friday, January 1, 2010

Great skiing adventure 2009-the rest of the story

1.5 hours getting everyone dressed with missing socks, trips to the
bathroom, putting boots on, changing diapers, layering etc. Meanwhile
the wind is whipping, snow is falling and the pretend cop is
threatening to give us a ticket for not having a parking pass. The
wind is making me nervous. So I ask a couple loading up to leave if
we dare make this our children's first experience on the hill. They
confirm my suspicions. We make this a play in the snow day and
everyone goes home happy. That is until we are half way home and I am
ready to leave a few who shall remain nameless by the side of the
road. But, we are undeterred. Next real ski trip planning in the

Sweet Clara fell sleep while in the lodge by the toasty fire.

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