Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Candace!

(Back in the day, we'd celebrate birthdays on the ski hill.)

My sister Candace is 29 today.  The REAL 29. 
She was born the day before me---2 years later.  Growing up it was torture.
Historically, between the years of 1 and on, we would get the same thing(s) just different colors.  The torturous part was watching her open her presents knowing that the next day I would open a pink or purple one.  Seems so silly now.  It's been 12+ years since we celebrated together.  Miles and states keep us apart.  One of these days we'll have to meet up and share cake and a ski run.  We must!

I love you!

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l.a.c. said...

what a great week of birthdays it is!

2 hours and 41 minutes until YOUR birthday.

i am TOTALLY game -- i'll sub for your sister and we can head to the hills. without children. with the snow falling.

LKP said...

lol. so, then happy birthday in a few hours. =) all those years growing up i never realized what a dilemma birthdays were at your house. sorry bout all the "sneak peeks" you got. good that you two are so close anyhow. others may have used such a situation as a wedge. well, the MOST happy birthday to you ever tomorrow! hugs.

Chief Momma said...

Hilarious picture!

dandee said...

I can totally relate to the same gift/different color scenario.

Happy Birthday Candace! And almost YOU!

dandee said...

p.s. you have mad photoshop skills already!

LOVE the new banner.

LKP said...

so here's official:
enjoy a piece of cake for me too.

Woodward Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY have a fun day!