Wednesday, January 13, 2010

8:41 pm

sitting on the chair in my room with my red notebook on my lap getting ready to record a few things about today.
Little things like:
Chandler apologizing to me for "the way I acted last night," because it means he is maturing and growing.
Carson who is so happy.  All the time.  My little example at 7 years old.  He really is a miracle.
Baden, who decided on his own to call and apologize to a friend for not being very nice.  It wasn't until I heard him say to the answering machine, "I'm sorry I punched you," that I got the full story.  Baby steps.
Kate who has taken to calling everyone "hunny."  Like tonight to Chandler, "It's time to go to bed hunny."
Clara who reminded me to slow down and hold her because she is growing, growing, growing.  And it's making me a bit sad.   


[M] said...

oh man, that punching comment made my day. i needed a good laugh today. thanks for posting.

tharker said...

Baden's apology is so funny and so sweet at the same time.