Thursday, March 13, 2008

10 Easy Steps

This is what you do when your oldest son gets home from school and soon after that you hear him yelling from upstairs that "the toilet isn't flushing!"

First, you run upstairs and assess the situation.

Second, you yell to your husband to get the plunger.

Third, you hear your husband's verbal frustrations [he keeps it clean] as he is unable to get the toilet to "plunge."

Fourth, you see your husband run outside.

Fifth, you see your husband run inside with a snake he borrowed from the neighbor. [Not a real snake, a plumbing snake. Guess you've never had this problem before.]

Sixth, you hear more of husband's verbal frustrations because the snake isn't helping. Then you hear oldest son telling his sweating and upset father that he forgot to tell us that youngest brother flushed a yellow ball down the toilet last night.

Seventh, you try and calm your husband down. You remind him that one time he tried to flush a roll of toilet paper when he was little, and we have been through worse.

Eighth, you decide to call in the experts.

Ninth, you wait 30 minutes for the plumber to show up, then watch as he pulls out his snake with a thing on the end that grabs objects lodged in toilets, goes upstairs for 1.4 minutes, takes care of aforementioned yellow ball and gives you an invoice for $97.00.

Tenth, you hear a calmer husband rehearse with the young offender that he is never at any time to flush anything like that in the toilet ever again, on top of that he adds that the plumber's services are in fact his birthday present next month.

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