Thursday, March 6, 2008


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  • I made my first call into talk radio on Tuesday. Wonder what show it was? It may surprise you. It's a local show called, The Locker Room. Not normally something I listen to, but it was on. I didn't realize I was on air until I hung up my cell phone and heard the last part of the conversation [delayed by a few seconds apparently]. Wonder what caused me to call a local sports show? The guy commented that "Mormons and Catholics hate each other." I had to set him straight on his incorrect statement. He said I didn't know anything. "Well," I said "We are Mormon and my husband went to Notre Dame for his grad degree and all the Mormons and Catholics were friends so I don't think you should be making such generalizations on air." [Isn't that right Megan, Emily and Keri?] So there you have it, don't believe everything you hear on the radio. [you already knew that didn't you?]

  • My kids ate corn dogs for dinner tonight. Before that they ate 1 [or more] chocolate chip cookies. The parents ate fried rice, and since it had vegetables that were larger than a grain of rice people younger than 6 ¾ wouldn't touch it.

  • We switched up our workouts this week and I can hardly walk up and down the stairs. Isn't it funny that you feel skinnier when you are sore? Or is that just me?

  • Why do my children like to play in the front yard instead of the larger and fenced backyard?

  • I love, love, love it when complete strangers say [disapprovingly], "my, my you have your hands full." And I say, "yes I do," with a smile "and there is one more at school." {GASP!} But then the woman at TJMaxx today said, "Thank goodness there are women like you!" So there is a compliment to all you mothers…

  • The little lady turns 1 tomorrow. We will celebrate with pizza, [because it is Friday] fruit and cupcakes. You are all invited [just kidding].

  • I had Carson step on the mat at Target to see what size his feet were. Well, I think I've discovered why the little boy was getting ingrown toenails. His shoes were a little too small [just like 2 ½ sizes]. What? He never complained!

  • This week I sent Chandler to school with money -$6- to revamp the lunch account. When I picked him up at school that afternoon he was wearing a Dr. Seuss hat [$5] and had a book [$1]. I was planning on recycling last year's hat. Little stinker.
  • Baden is still Baden. Intense. Demanding. Manipulative. Funny.

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