Wednesday, April 28, 2010


(my laptop cord is on the blitz, so this iphone post/pic will have to do)
All of this children growing up on me business has got to stop! Chandler turned nine today and is starting to show signs that he is growing up. As we were walking into Applebees this afternoon he said, "Mom, will you just promise me one thing? Don't tell them it's my birthday." I kept my promise.

Tonight I made his regular requested birthday dinner: sweet and sour chicken and chocolate cake. Afterwards, we all said some things we like about our Chan-man. Grandpa Woodward said it best; "we can always tell when Chandler is happy, (then a little under his breath) and when he's not." He's been  that way since day one!

Hard to believe we'll be sending him off on his mission in a short 10 years. I just hope the next 9 years slows down a little. We love our Chandler and all that personality that has kept us entertained all these years. 


Ben and Alissa said...

Happy Birthday Chandler! Man, I miss that kid!

Chelsea said...

Perfect pic of the Chan!

Brenda said...

Ahh, don't start talking about missions already, these boys are growing up fast enough on their own!

Happy Birthday Chandler!

dandee said...

Happy Birthday Chandler!