Friday, April 23, 2010

Ding dong the blog's been dead.

Warmer weather, fussy baby, 300+ baked and frosted sugar cookies,
reading, sleepless nights because of fussy baby, trying to keep up and
not keeping up, practices, laundry, dishes, and overall craziness of
some not to be mentioned children that I swear is a result of spring
has got me counting down the days until summer vacation and not
blogging. However, last night, Brian and I went to the temple and what do you
know, all my problems were solved and I'm sufficiently renewed. Bring
on the weekend!
 (Clara, during a bright spot in her week yesterday at the park.)


Emily Ferrell said...

I am so sorry that Clara hasn't been feeling well. It is so hard when your baby is having a hard time. It seems like everything else is that much harder when she is fussy and clingy. I hope she feels better soon. By the way, thanks for introducing me to your sister's cooking blog. I love it. You guys are such talented women. You must have a wonderful mom.

debsters said...

Those cookies were really, really good. I was going to save mine until the next day and couldn't. I would love the icing recipe.

andrea said...

The cookies were AMAZING and so cute. Thanks for the extra effort! :-)