Monday, April 5, 2010


This picture I took of my baby Clara today makes me happy.  Because she is happy!  The antibiotics she started on Friday are doing their job and she has gotten relief from the ear pain that she's had for who knows how long.  She's been trying my patience.  But it's not her fault.

Speaking of patience.  Our family home evening lesson tonight was on patience.  Because it's a lesson we all needed.  And when it came to bedtime the children were mighty lucky that their parents had just given that particular lesson!  We gleaned our lesson material from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's recent sermon on patience he gave during the Priesthood session of General Conference.  If you're looking for some extra inspiration on the subject yourself go here for the video.  The first part is particularly interesting. 


dandee said...

oh, that girl! so happy she's feeling better.

tharker said...

Such a cute girl! Love this picture.

Spencer came home that night and told me about this talk. He said it was great! However, I can't get it to work right now, so I'll have to watch it later.