Friday, June 26, 2009

Things that made my day (yesterday)

With Chandler being in school all day I think I've been missing out on some of the humor he has to offer. So summer has reminded me of how funny he can be. Well, at least to his mother. Here is a sampling of things he said today that made today so worth it.

When I saw that Michael Jackson died, I told the kids and Chandler said, "I can't believe Michael Jackson died! He's was like my favorite singer. At least the Beach Boys are still alive."

Somehow Chandler "accidentally" pushed Baden off his bed and so Baden was hurt. Weeping, wailing, and gnashing of the teeth. I was feeding Clara so I couldn't help Baden out, so I told Chandler that I wanted him to console Baden. He kept refusing to do it and finally I ask why he won't obey me and he starts crying and in-between sobs says, "Because I'm a man! And men don't do those sorts of things." (it was really funny and I lost all sensitivity and started laughing, but really I'm gonna bust the chops of the macho man who is feeding him such lies. And I know it's not Brian.)

I was trying to pull a fast one on them tonight and skip reading scriptures, but Carson set me straight so I repented and summarized the story of Abraham and Isaac. When I finished Chandler said, "Mom, don't you read the Bible? That is not how it ended." Then he proceeds to tell about the sheep in the thorny bush etc... Then he asks me if I need to borrow his Bible stories. I've been sufficiently humbled.


Deborama said...

Sooooo funny! It is nice to have the older ones home all day, they do and say so many things you miss out on when they are in school! :) Rin has been at girls camp and I really could have used a Katie Sue! :)

lindsay>boo said...

This is why I love kids so much. One minute they can make you laugh, another minute they can humble you by the things they say. You've got yourself some terrific kids. And that baby girl of yours is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Loved your post. It reminded me of Clint hurrying to put Annie to bed the other night. She came out crying, "All dad said for scriptures is there was a prophet and he told us to keep the commandments. He didn't even say what prophet." By then Clint was already off to Ward Ball. I had to deal with the crying girl. You can't trick these kids on scripture study...I guess that's good. Meg

Krista said...

I can't believe I haven't heard these stories. I laughed so hard, still am. We love those kids so much. They have some very lucky grandmas and grandpas.