Friday, June 12, 2009

Last Day of School

Some of us are more excited than others.
I'll let you guess who's who.

Chandler 2nd grade Carson Kindergarten

I have approximately 67 hours to figure out how exactly I will keep myself these bundles of energy busy all SUMMER LONG!

Care to share what you will be doing to keep your children entertained?
I'd love some ideas...


Peaches said...

Concerts in the park~
water splash park~
Library reading and prize program~
Free lunches at the park~
Cleaning the house BEFORE any of these can happen:) gets em to work amazingly fast and complete~
Watching movies from the library~
EAting lots of Popcorn~
GRILLING veggies and chicken for Tacos, and maybe splurging on ATOMIC tortilla:) MMMMMMMMMM! with homemade mojo sauce.....

debsters said...

This evening we bought a tetherball set from Costco, I'm hoping that ball gets hit around that pole thousands and thousands of times this summer.

4starmom said...

Peaches, thanks for all the ideas. I'm going to see how many of those we can check of the list!
Debsters, thanks for the heads up on the teatherball. I'm going to Costco to see if they still have them.

Alicia said...

See my blog! Looks a lot like Peaches'.