Monday, June 8, 2009

Clara's Day

Yesterday was Clara's blessing day.
It was a special day for our family.
Brian gave her a beautiful blessing.
She wore a beautiful dress my mom made her. (based on only a picture!)
After church we had a delicious meal and enjoyed the company of family.
You will just have to believe me that the day was wonderful because the pictures that were captured towards the end of our day don't do it justice.

See what I mean?

We are going to have to try again another day.


Jami said...

She looks so beautiful! I love Carson's pose the best though. Great job to your mom with the dress!

Emily Ferrell said...

This is such a great picture. Clara looks beautiful. I'm glad that you live around family and can share this special day with them. I'm not sure how you handle having 5 young kids but you must be super mom!

Cameron & Ashley said...

This picture is classic, I love it!! The boys crack me up... And what is Baden doing?? I love that kid :)

clint said...

Brian has had a fuzzy head as long as I have known him.