Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What's up

Now, you all come here to read about my kids right? OK, good. Because that's all I've got besides heartburn troubles, large and in charge feelings and why this is the longest pregnancy of my life complaints. But I'll spare you those woes and instead share kid pictures and details.KATE crying because that is what she does best, at the drop of a hat. On a lighter note, we are on our way to only buying one size of diapers by the time May rolls around. Alleluia!!! She also gets props for being the best eater under 8 in the house. I hope that she remains oblivious to onions and 'green things' for a long, long time.
CHANDLER all smiles after his "papa's interview." (Wish I could say the same for me. Oh sorry, now you're all jealous that you don't get to have a couple interview with your dad and get all blubbery.) I got his whole interview on video from the closet. Priceless footage to show him in 10 years. In other news I'm contemplating sending him to school with volleyball knee pads to alleviate all the dang wholes in his jeans. Every morning: "Mom! I don't have any clean pants without holes" "Then quit getting holes in all your knees, for heavens sake."
BADEN playing chess, looks like momma needs to learn how to play chess. On second thought it kept him quiet for 15 minutes. Maybe I should keep the chess set in his room so that he can play it instead of coming in our room at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning to show us that he can hop on one foot in the dark.
CARSON finally lost that 2nd tooth on top. That's right, I said 2nd tooth. After I pulled it out he went to look in the mirror and said, "Now it lookths likthe I losth sixth teeth." He's starting to experience the joy that comes from sounding out words and reading on his own. (With that cute little lisp.) His smile of success is priceless.

So there you have it. Is it Spring yet?


Shayla said...

Kate was so sweet on Sunday in nursery. She kept coming to sit on my lap to give me cuddles. Yeah, she kept saying "Momma! Momma!" and going to the door too, but she seemed to be okay with just getting a hug from me instead of Mom at the door. Sorry that pregnancy is lasting forever this time!

Ben and Alissa said...

I like the little updates on all your kids! I hope spring comes fast too so you can have your sweet little baby girl!

Marilyn said...

Update posts like these are one of my favorite kinds. Such cute kids.

Nicki said...

Your kids are adorable. Holes in the knees are in fashion right? Because my boys seem to get them within days.

Alicia said...

Your kids are some of my favorite to read about. Because they are funny and because you are funny when you talk about them.
Seriously, what is the deal with holes in the knees?! The second Macy hit first grade it was like an epidemic. (Second has been no better.) We don't last longer than a month in jeans at our house. I ask her if she kneels everywhere she goes at school.

Katie said...

I hear ya girl! Heatburn!!! Not fun...and every other day, I get comments about...wow, you're not due untill April? Are there twins in there? I want to say, no! It's my 4th kid and I'm 5'2''...what do you expect?! Ohhh, we'll be back to normal before long....I hope. I'm heading to see John Feb 24th through March 12th (33-35 weeks) so hopefully I won't be giving birth over the Pacific Ocean!