Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The truth

Out of the blue conversation with Carson yesterday morning.

Carson: Mom, I already know that the Easter Bunny isn't for real.

Me (a little surprised): Really? Who told you that?

Carson: No one, I just know.

Me: How do you know?

Carson (In a "duh" mom tone): Mom, like a bunny hopping down the road??? Like who could turn into a bunny. I just know, it doesn't make sense. He's not for real is he?

Me (smiling): Nope he's not, Carson.

Carson: Then who brings the stuff? (side note: By stuff he means a pair of sunglasses or something like that. And treats.)

Me: Mom and Dad

A smile spreads across his face.

Then I swore him to secrecy.

I figured there's no point in lying to him about a silly Easter Bunny. After all, there is a greater reason to look forward to Easter. (here are some ideas to incorporate)

Later, after school, I thought I'd gauge where the elder brother stood on the issue. So I asked Chandler if he's excited for the Easter Bunny to come. "Yeah," he said, with no thought to question validity. Guess we know who has the imagination.


Davis Family said...

Ah!! That is so funny, the SAME thing happened to me this year, Kaylee just asked one day so I told her, but Trevor has NO clue. They have never asked about other holidays though, (and my kids don't get anything but candy for Easter and don't think that is odd at all)

4starmom said...

Brenda, that is crazy. I guess our oldest are dreamers (or fakers) :)

Anonymous said...

We had such a great time! Thanks so much for hosting us. I could hold K.all day. What a sweetie!!! You are amazing parents and your kids are a testimony to that!!! If only everyone could do such a great job!
Thanks again,
Teacher Kathy

Deborama said...

Im kinda sad! :( I think Rin still believes! Thats probably not good! I can't believe how fast that baby is getting baked! I just scrapbooked the duck park last year at this time! We need to get together!