Thursday, February 5, 2009


Oh, yes we need more of it don't we?

Sometimes it's easy for me to find the humor in this day-to-day life.

Like the other day when I caught Kate scooping and licking the frosting off her fingers from a cake I had just made.

Or, when Baden creates a mishap and comes to me and reports what he did and says, "I'm sorry, mom, it was an accident I totally did it on purpose."

Then there's Carson who every single day can't seem to find anything to wear even though there are 10 clean shirts hanging up in his closet!

And then the nightly pleadings with Chandler to practice his piano and he reacts as though I just asked him to run up to Walmart and buy a gallon of milk, his dramatics usually make me smile.

And then there are the times when it's really hard to get myself to muster a smile.

For instance, last night, I was trying, trying, trying to get the boys to go to bed while they are engaged in wrestle mania and wreaking havoc ever so diligently. No humor in that. So I issued a threat (one that really hurt no: 10th Avenue), gave up, went downstairs; and let them put themselves to bed.

I was really mad. Then about 15 minutes later Chandler launched this at me.

Made me laugh.

Later, I came upon this and convinced me that I need to try a little harder to laugh.
It just may lighten the load.

What's making you laugh?


Ben and Alissa said...

I laughed out loud when I read Chandler's note. My favorite part is that he wrote he won't be going "tomorrow at 6:00 o'clock." Very specific!

Marilyn said...

You always post the most entertaining and thought provoking things. I love this post.

Davis Family said...

Trevor writes me notes like that all the time, sometimes I find them on my bed and sometimes the come flying in the room as a paper airplane. I love it when they are old enough to express their feelings that way, super cute.

Jami said...

What's making me laugh? You are. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I laugh with joy when prayers are answered.
Phyllis and I visited Chelsea. Phyllis says that your house is next. How about Feb. 20th or 23rd around 12 Noon? Please call and let me know. Teacher Kathy

Alicia said...

It makes me laugh when Macy writes little notes, too. I love it.

Nicki said...

It makes me laugh when my baby tells me "NO". You can tell he's the littlest of five. It's just adorable.

Jodi said...

It made me laugh when Bennett looked at Chandler's picture and said, "I know that name. It's yours." (mom) and pointed at me.

Deborama said...

Your kids are so cute, I keep forgetting your pregnant! Holy cow! How are you going to play with me all summer?? :) We wanna swim anytime! How fun!