Friday, August 15, 2008


I love this inadvertent family portrait that someone captured with my camera. Just so happens to be the only one we have from Tuesday.
Football after swimming. With shirts off.

Baden pretending he's a race car driver on a trike wearing Superman Pjs (with a "skirt on the back, as he refers to it).

Kate soaking it all in while sitting in the middle of the driveway eating a graham cracker.

Not to be outdone by his younger brother, Carson, speeding around.

Where's Chandler? Sitting on the couch. Wishing he was someone else.

Enjoy the heat.
We'll enjoy it all dressed up at a reception.


Alicia said...

What great pictures. I love that Chandler is enjoying the Olympics.

Deborama said...

That reception was so fun, the food was fabulous! I didn't get to talk to you, you were so busy working! :(

debsters said...

Everything was perfect at the reception, very nice. I wanted to stay all night.

Jami said...

I laughed out loud at the Michael Phelps thing. Chandler is hilarious.