Tuesday, August 26, 2008

O be wise

It came to me in a moment of inspiration a couple nights ago as I was thinking about the boys returning to school and the 'fresh start' that seems to accompany the beginning of a new school year: Hold a family home evening lesson centered around the scripture :
O be wise, what can I say more?

Elder Ballard gave a general conference talk on the very same scripture. As I read the first couple of paragraphs I was even more convinced that it would be the prefect topic for us to teach our children before they start school.

All day Monday I'm thinking how I can pull it all together and keep the children's attention.
And then it comes to me. Candy.

And so, on Monday eve after the formalities of the opening of our meeting,
I presented a bowl of Swedish Fish.
So hard to decide.
They all pick one (or two).

Then I tell them there are yellow, green, orange and red fish in the bowl.
I give them a minute to decide which color they would like.
They announce the which color they want and take a fish.
So much easier to take when you know what your decision is ahead of time.

(you see where I'm getting with this?)

We discuss how it is important to decide now what we will do when we are faced with choices.
It is much easier to take a stand on something if we have already decided what we will do.
We talked about how we are blessed to have standards to live by.
They help us make wise choices.

Next, the "test."
Typical hypothetical scenarios.
I'm happy to report they passed with flying colors.

The lesson ended by each son receiving a father's blessing from their father.
A source of comfort for the child.
And their mother.

Now school can begin.