Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Do you ignore the heaping piles of dirty laundry as you pass by them? Do you think you'll feel like doing it tomorrow? Do you cringe as you add to the relentless stack of unfolded and clean laundry? Is it sometimes difficult to find a clean pair of socks for your children (only to find that they have been wearing 5 socks on each foot because it helps them slide better on the wood floor)? Do they ask you where a clean shirt is? And since you can't find one, dig one out of the dirty clothes and spot clean it so they can be on their way? Does your husband send you "subtle hints" that he's out of clean white shirts? Do you find yourself wishing for disposable clothing? Are you positive that you would enjoy it more if your laundry room were bigger? Do some members of your family put clothes that aren't dirty in the dirty clothes yet put the dirty ones back in their drawers?

You or someone you love may have a serious and rare condition known as the laundryignorimous. But wait, there is hope...

If only.

Today's task? Let me show you.

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