Sunday, January 6, 2008

At the Refuge

The flapper Miss K

Look familiar?Go Cougs!

New kitchen, please51!

Big Chief, lil chiefwith Mom

Available Unavailable

Not loud
Organic fertilizer, anyone?Please hire me
Makeup is over-ratedI agree


Candace said...

Love the post...hate the last picture. Of course you look good...blow up the picture and I look like a bat out of you know where!

Chelsea said...

Why do you think she did it! hahah

Air_Mormon12 said...

You better hope that my hands and feet are tied together so I don't mess you up for posting that gay picture of me.

MySweetLife said...

Dear Firstborn-you did a fine job of capturing the females at our best. You need to put your skills at work and fine tune our faces (photoshop). :)

Krista said...

This is so darling. Especially the last picture as you know. I was thinking the other day how hard it would be to buy and keep a years supply of makeup cause I would certainly need it. Heaven help ME.