Thursday, September 15, 2011

Surgery- one of many big days

For those not aware, Clara's tumor resection that was scheduled for last Wednesday was rescheduled for today because her blood counts were too low. As always, the bump in the road proved to be a blessing as Clara was able to go home for a few days. It was a sweet escape!

Today was the day we had been anticipating for nearly four months as it was one of those milestones along the path to Clara getting better. Knowing that the tumor had not shrunk any since the initial scans the hope was that the surgeons would be able to remove as much as they safely could. After 5 hours of surgery, the surgeons were able, as far as they could tell, remove 95-99% of the tumor. It was a very delicate surgery involving many blood vessels, main arteries and vital organs. Quite miraculously she only lost 5-10 cc's of blood! We are anxious to hear the pathology report to learn the make-up of the removed tumor tissue.

We have been through a similar experience with Carson when his brain tumor was removed. For the most part Carson's tumor resection was the end. With Clara it is just the end of the first phase of her treatment. She has many hurdles yet to overcome, but as we saw today and have seen many times before in these past 4 months she strengthened and protected in her afflictions. The peace and comfort Brian and I felt today was remarkable. We know the prayers of others petitioning our Father in Heaven on our behalf lifted us today. And without a doubt guided the doctors throughout surgery. We trust He will continue to bless and heal her as she recovers.

Carson and Clara in the ICU post surgery----our 2 tumor kids. He was a great distraction for us today.

The long road that remains will continue to test and try us, but experiences like this certainly help us to know that we are not alone. In addition to countless friends, family members and complete strangers, the Lord has strengthened and comforted us, helping us to know of His love for us and His knowledge of what is best. He knows what we need more than we do and His timing is always right. We continue to pray for understanding and for patience as we wait on the Lord to heal Clara as only He can.


Shannon LybbertLow said...

As seems to happen frequently when I read these posts...tears...many tears. Love this photo of a tender hearted brother with his baby sis.

NaDell said...

I'm so glad her surgery went well. I can't imagine a five hour surgery. Wow. We are still thinking and praying for Clara. Thank you for the updates.

Ashley said...

Tash, you have a beautiful gift of writing. I love reading your posts as they are ALWAYS uplifting, even in the hardest times. We are so grateful for everything today and are so happy for you and Brian!

Paradise said...

What a happy day.

Sarah said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to post. Last night I must have checked this sight 3 or 4 different times, so anxious for you, your family, and the outcome. We have a rule in our house that no prayer is said without asking for help for your family. We are glad to have another testament in our lives that the Lord answers prayers. We will continue to keep you all in ours.

Cajsa said...

That's so awesome. I hope that things continur to improve. Love and prayers for all of you.