Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve.

most of the presents are wrapped.
all of them have arrived from the big brown truck (I think).
assembly, where needed is done.
Christmas cards (part) are in the mail just in time for the day after.
rooms are spruced up for Great Grandma and Grandpa Lybbert and Great Aunt Thomasene's arrival tonight.
ordering pizza for dinner. maybe this will be our tradition.
Baden told me he prayed for snow in his personal prayers last night.
suggested he pray. harder.

Hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS. and pray for snow.


Shayla said...

Pizza on Christmas Eve has been a tradition in our family forever. My kiddos are praying for snow, as well. I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas!

a girl in a gorilla suit said...

This is such a cute picture! (plus the wrapping paper is cute...but i probably think that cause i have the same paper! haha)

Merry Christmas!