Wednesday, December 16, 2009


photo credit: You Look Nice Today Photography

We had our first ever family photo shoot the day before Thanksgiving. Ryan and his wife Tiffany, from You Look Nice Today (such a great name, don’t you think?) met us at the top of a hill overlooking the Tri-Cities. The temps were chilly, but the lighting was sublime and miraculously, there was no wind!

Let me tell you, I’m in love with the pictures. Over the moon happy. I haven’t stopped smiling since I first saw them on Sunday.

He perfectly captured the essence of our free-spirited children and our family that I want to always remember. My little treasures and I couldn’t be more pleased. He's so good you can't even tell that:

  • Baden had a meltdown when he realized Kate lost his “dinosaur bone” he had found in the wheat field.
  • Kate woke up on the wrong-side of the bed after her nap and was semi-uncooperative.
  • Carson kept throwing dirt clods.
  • Clara was so miserably cold her face was as red as a cherry.
  • Chandler had to be reminded that flashing signs and performing MJ moves during our photo shoot were not acceptable.

Go here, to see what I mean.

If you’re in the Portland, OR area or Tri-Cities, WA area, Ryan is your man. Plus, he uses film. And you can’t argue with the beauty of film.


Anonymous said...

Tash the pictures are great!


Ben and Alissa said...

I love this picture! And I love all the ones of you guys on their website. He did such a great job and you'd never know your kids had any problems. Ben and I especially love the ones of Clara, the one where you're holding her and the one were Brian is holding both the girls. Love that big chubby faced smile!

Ryan said...

Thanks so much for the kind words and I totally didn't think your kids were that crazy.

It was pretty dang cold but you guys were troopers. :)

LKP said...

tash, seriously. amazing. what a wonderful collection to cherish forever! you always look beautiful, but in this shoot you were radiant. (especially the shots of you & your hunny)
p.s. and that sweater you chose to wear is gorgeous! most amazing blue i've seen in a long time. really stunning on you! =)

Shayla said...

Wow, so amazing! I'm in serious awe of this photographer. You looked absolutely beautiful, Natasha. And what a beautiful family!

Keri said...

Love.Love.Love all the pics. This one is wonderful, but all the rest are too. What a beautiful family you have, and an amazing photographer who can capture all 7 of you, including the baby looking at the camera multiple times!! Beautiful!!
Hey, I'm not sending cards this year but we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!!

Katie said...

Hi have to agree that they are TOTALLY awesome!!! I love them too. I love your post! I read the things the kids were doing and just have to laugh as it seems just like a photo shoot we just did. My mom does ours and we had 2 extra adults there (besides John and I) to help.....still seemed pretty impossible! Thank goodness for the wonderful head-cropping jobs my mom can do through digital software :)

tharker said...

These are so beautiful! The wheat field made the perfect setting. Again, this is why I'm not a creative photographer...I never would have thought to go to a wheat field...but that's why he's the pro and I am not ;)

LOVE your coat and sweater! What a gorgeous color on you.

Your family is so beautiful, Natasha!

dandee said...

best family pictures EVER! you all look amazing!

polka dots said...

your pictures are fantastic.