Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So excited to find exactly what I've been looking for to put in "The Girls' Room"... at Wal-Mart no less!
Free site-to-store shipping is the bomb.
So is shopping while sitting with feet up and laptop on my lap.


Amy J. said...

Hey...the books are yours! Just give me a call when you are ready to stop by.

OK...I am trying to figure this picture out. Is that a bookcase? It looks cool, but I can't picture how it is used.

4starmom said...

Thanks Amy.

It's a book rack to store and display books---like a magazine rack. Does that help to visualize it?

Krista said...

You need to put up pictures of this darling room when you get it finished. I love it. You are great at this sort of thing.

Deborama said...

I love that picture of her sleeping with you! So precious!

Katie said...

Ya, I found the perfect shelves for my office on Great price too! Gotta love it. I want to see pics of this cute room too. If I were to have had a girl this time, Chloe would be sharing her room (she ended up with the biggest room in the house somehow), but since it's another boy, he's in our room with a closet in the hallway. I guess we'll figure out who goes where in the months to come. :) Hope you're doing good. I ready to be done with this! Come on baby!