Sunday, July 6, 2008

What A Weekend

He did a little of this in the 7 hours he spent in the pool on the Fourth. How he does it, we'll never know.WOW, a decent picture! I wonder what he's thinking? It's amazing that one can keep us so entertained and so crazy at the same time.

This is big. Really, really big. He graduated from being the sideline observer to actually in the pool. Just in time for swimming lessons Monday morning.
She's learned to throw everything in the pool from the best of them. I just love that ruffle bum!

Family photo at the park. Now don't pretend you're not jealous of our photogenic capabilities.
(Seriously! It's a good thing these picture will be treasure some day, and I won't care that no one is smiling, or in Baden's case- fake smiling, looking in the same direction etc...whatever we're all together that's all that matters right?)

Don't Grandma & Grandpa have the best swings?
...and the best garden?