Thursday, July 10, 2008

In the Swing of Things

Kate's verbal communication is improving. "Outside, " she said after dinner persistently pointing to the door. Carson and Chandler headed upstairs for a shower and so Kate and I joined Baden outside on the swings as directed by little Miss. While pushing them on the swings I worked on teaching Kate how to say "yes" and "swing". Baden asked silly questions like, "What do we do with dad when he dies?" "I don't know Baden, what do you think we do?" "Bury him." Glad that's settled. Stuff like that... Not very often is it just me and the younger ones this summer.

Kind of fun, and pleasant for a change.

Three hours later not so pleasant.

Who invented the summer flu anyway? 4 down 2 to go.
What's your score?

Lucky winner #3 earlier today
[bluetooth on because apparently you need to be hands free when you've got the flu]


Emily Ferrell said...

I love the picture of Brian. I am sorry that your family is sick. That is never fun for the wife and mom. I love the question Baden had about Brian. Where do kids come up with these things. Good luck with the sick family members.

Movie Queen said...

Ugh! We have had our share of the summer flu, in past summers. It's going around. I have to say, you guys were due. I seem to remember you saying your family hadn't gotten it ALL WINTER. Yeah, you were due. So sorry though. Never fun. What WILL you do with dad when he dies?

Deborama said...

Me and Scott are laughing and laughing! That is so funny and not. Good times!

::DANDEE:: said...

Poor Brian. Abby had the summer flu bug while I was at girl's camp.

I can almost hear Kate laughing from that picture. Precious girl.

The Goldsworthy Crew said...

Yuck. Well, your score beats ours. As of Monday it was 1 down 4 to go. (Holly had it, who lives in the basement). It's Thurs and no one else has gotten it yet....hopefully you'll keep us beat!

Jan said...

Kate is so cute in that picture. She is growing up and talking now?
That is so not right.

I hope you all get over these flu things. Hands free is genius for the flu. You can kneel over the bowl and let others know how horrible you are feeling.

Take care "Outside"..

rip said...

I loved the pics of your kids on the swing! I can't believe how much they have grown!

I laughed at poor Brian's picture, and your comment on the bluetooth. Too funny!

NaDell said...

Your blog is so cute. I love reading all about your kids and life. Do you visit TC often or do you live here? I love the pictures of your grandma. She's always been so cute to me. I love little old ladies. Hope it's okay that I'm peeking at your blog. Feel free to peek at mine.
(I'm a little obsessed lately.)

Jodi said...

Man, I hate it when we get the flu. I hope your family starts feeling better soon. And I can't believe how big Kate is and that she's talking...I wish we could keep them little forever!

Amy J. said...

I just hope Brian gets better before the kids think he is doomed and get out the shovels.

Well, John spent several hours going through all the boxes of baseball cards! He kept a few but most ended up in the garbage! I can't say the same for the VHS and cassett tapes. Good Luck!

debsters said...

By now you are all hopefully fully recovered.

Thankfully, we've missed the yuckies so far.

Kate's talking? My girls aren't going to believe it. They miss seeing your kids at church.