Saturday, November 10, 2012

Clara's funeral and obituary

Thank you for kind words and love that has been extended to our family with the loss of Clara. There is no need to feel sorry for us, words can't adequately express how thankful we are she is no longer in pain and we know she is in a better place. Please feel welcome to bring your children to the funeral, it would warm our hearts to have the families and children who have been praying for Clara for so long be there. 

Little Miss Sunshine, Clara Woodward, of Pasco, WA, passed away at her home, Wednesday, November 7, 2012, after a valiant 18 month battle with neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer. Though only 3 years old, she blessed the world with her radiant smile, her infectious laugh and a wisdom that defied her young age. We learned a lifetime of lessons from Clara in the short time we had with her on this earth and rejoice in the knowledge that we will be reunited after this life.

Clara was born in Richland, WA on April 27, 2009 and spent all of her brief life in Pasco. She loved singing, especially the primary songs she learned at church and at home. When she felt well, she loved to have the music loud so she could dance and sing along. Clara's joys in life included jumping on the trampoline, swinging for hours in the backyard, dressing up like a princess, pink pearls around her neck, and Ziplocks full of snacks. Her arms tight around our neck and kisses on our cheek brightened our days.

Our sweet Clara touched the lives of many with her zest for life through 5 months of radiation, surgery and chemotherapy during lengthy hospital stays. In October 2011, she returned home, reunited with her siblings and parents where we have spent the last 13 miraculous months together.

From Clara we learned that life is precious, that no earthly pleasure exceeds the joy derived from eternal family relationships. We learned that there are things much worse than destroyed potted flowers, that fingernail polish eventually comes off, that few things soothe a frightened child quite like a pink blankie and a drink of milk. We learned that strength comes from fighting battles together and that there is nothing sweeter than being reunited with family after a long separation. We learned to cherish seemingly insignificant moments and to celebrate minor accomplishments.

Clara loved to go to church and learn the stories of Jesus. During her darkest days of struggling with pain, she would watch Music and the Spoken Word by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for hours on end as it brought peace and comfort to her gentle spirit.

Clara was blessed in life by countless doctors and nurses, particularly those at Sacred Heart Children's Medical Center in Spokane who prolonged her life and enabled her to spend eight wonderful months at home prior to relapsing.

Clara is survived by her parents, Brian and Natasha Woodward, her brothers Chandler, Carson and Baden and her sister Kate; her grandparents Kent and Krista Woodward and Tracy and Jill Lybbert; great grandparents Forrest and Betty Lybbert, Joan Casper, and Zelma Woodward; uncles, aunts and cousins Cody and Candace Fielding (Carter, Blake, Vivian, Lincoln), Kyle and Chelsea Mahuika (Michael, Preston, Brooks), Devin and Kendra Lybbert (Dean), Andrew Lybbert, Matt and Kim Peterson (Ethan, Jens, Myra, Melaina), Brandon and Kym Woodward (Cole, Jace, Bryce, Jaylee), Trey and Jami Warner (Indie), Cameron and Ashley Treu (Taya, Dodger), and Andrew and Jenna Van Buren (Cash, Brody). She was preceded in death by great grandparents Harold and Joan Briggs, Paul Woodward, William Casper and cousin Zan.

We rejoice in the knowledge of a Heavenly Home where Clara now watches over us. The Atonement of our Savior brings us peace and comfort with the sweet assurance we will be reunited again in the eternities. Families can be together forever.

The family will receive visitors at their home on Sunday, November 11, from 5-8 pm. Funeral services will be held on Monday, November 12, 2012 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Pasco Stake Center (2015 N 24th Ave) at 11:00am.


Stephanie said...

What a beautiful tribute to Clara!

Cheryl said...

I thank you for sharing Clara's story on your blog. She truly is an angel and her sweet story has touched my heart deeply. Thank you for your testimonies and example. I am also grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the knowledge that families are eternal. May the Lord continue to bless you and your sweet family during this time in your life.

Janai said...

So glad she is free and in the arms of her loving Savior. Wishing you the continued peace and support of our Heavenly Father at this time of separation.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful, accurate, wonderful storytelling tribute to your Clara. I love the part about what you learned and especially the reference to the ziploc baggies full of snacks. I love that you didn't leave any part of her out. I so wish I could be there to throw my arms around you and cry with you for a moment and celebrate her life. Know that I send my love, my encouragement, and maybe a few mud pies from Priest Lake. Love ya, Daishan

Laurene said...

Warmed me; heart and soul...on this chilly morning. Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Words cannot express my feelings over the past months reading your blog. I have cried many times for Clara and your family. Your tribute to her is touching and beautiful and I know with out a doubt she will be waiting for each and every one of you. May your family continue to have peace in knowing where she is right now.
Your neighbor, Sharon

thenowies said...

beautiful, absolutely beautiful!

The Templetons said...

Thank you for sharing your journey. I have friends who started posting about Clara many months ago and I began reading your blog. I've learned so much through your family's example. I attended the funeral with some friends and it was a beautiful celebration of her life and radiated such faith and hope for the future. Again, thank you for sharing such a special little girl with the world and I look forward to the day when I may meet her.

Bryce and Candice Blood Family said...

I've been thinking of you so much lately. As I grabbed a Friend the other night to read with my kids, I opened to this story. I had to share. Such a wonderfu way to give to and celebrate the holidays with your sweet Clara. I don't know that I would leave it up all year but it would be a fun tradition to get out every year and add to as the years go by.

Anonymous said...

I'm honored to have the same name of your daughter . I was reading your blog since the beginning of Clara's cancer hoping she could go through her illness . But I'm eventually relieve to learn she is free from all she has suffered .She and your family touched my life and will always be an example. My Little Angel namesake
Love,Clara(18,from france)

Audrey said...

What a beautiful little girl. So sorry for your loss. I found your blog searching for mucositis & doterra. There's a baby boy our family is praying for who had to stop breastfeeding because of the sores. Was
She able to get any relief from the oils? I'd love to pass on any successful remedies to Thomas's family. Thank you for sharing your story-we'll keep your family in our prayers tonight. Audrey dot charba at gmail dot com