Monday, September 21, 2009

weekend notes

Saturday night found Brian and I on the dance floor at the Red Lion among fellow Chamber of Commerce members for a very prom-ish gathering. Cheesy? Totally. Can't wait for next year. We decided to save our change and skipped out of the "formal" pictures and instead took our own poor quality, face only, in the dark shot via the Blackberry.
And thanks to Grandma & Grandpa W. we left all 5 of our little dears home.

On Sunday morning, seconds before we had to leave out the door I instructed the kids to sit on the chair for a picture. Because I have maybe 1 of all of them together. And then I realized why I only have 1 decent shot of them all together. It's insanely. . . impossible.
When I uploaded the 12 pictures I took, they all looked like this.
I thought how appropriate.
It's exactly what our Sunday mornings are like getting ready for church--- without dad who is already at meetings.
Someone is always crying, or pouting.
Someone is always not focused.
Someone is always not doing what I've asked them to do.
And I think to myself, "Why do I do this every single Sunday?"
And then I remember.
Because it's worth it.
And I would not choose to have my 5 little ones anywhere else for those 3 hours each Sunday.
But that doesn't make it any easier.

Sometimes the biggest blessings come from the biggest sacrifices.

Wouldn't you say?


LKP said...

i love this post! you are a phenomenal woman, & and you do it with great talent! you have always been one of my heroes, in more situations than you'll ever realize. it was a blast getting to chit chat with you guys the other night at fiesta. =) hope all is going well. and remember to call daisy if you need a sitter!

Ben and Alissa said...

Love the picture of the kids! It's so funny that they all just can't sit and smile for 1 second! Or if they do it's the one second you're waiting for your camera to take the picture!

Shayla said...

As always, you amaze me Natasha! Could I borrow your skills for just a day? :-) We will miss seeing your sweet family each week at church when we move. Thank goodness for blogs! :-)

Katie said...

You guys seem to be really good with photoshop. My mom is excellent. She will take about 60 digital photos. Mostly similar, and then chop different people's heads off and paste them on other pictures. We have some lovely photos because of her head cut and pasting abilities :)

Kristi said...

I haven't read your blog in FOREVER. It somehow slipped off my radar. I love it. I love your posts. I caught up on several of them. I enjoy your positive perspective, and it's nice to know I'm not the only one who has a difficult time getting a good picture of the family! Keep up the good work!

Chelsie said...

You write beautifully. I have three boys as well, but just three boys. I sometimes believe I was not made to mother girls, or I would have one! For some reason, your posts brought tears to my eyes! I found you through the Tharker's blog, if you were wondering ;).

Krista said...

Very well put. Sometimes i would get so frustrated throughout the day that I'd just sit down and cry. Now I sit down and cry because they're all gone .