Friday, July 24, 2009


Yesterday we had a big family reunion. Those unable to attend were missed. See you next year!

I wish I would have gotten a picture of the belly flop competition.
Or the doggie paddle relay. (participants ages 7-50+ !)
I don’t even have a picture of my cute cousins who held and played with my girls, so I didn’t have to. I’ll return the favor in a couple of years.

But, I did get a picture of this. An aunt and uncle pyramid with Grandma in the front. You can see why we have so much fun together.
And this picture of my cheeky baby.

How about this one of my kids lip syncin’ and air guitarin’ it to Barbara Ann? Some like to perform more than others. . . Our family was embarassingly “out-talented” in the Family Talent Show.


tharker said...

I love the pyramid! Looks like it was a great time!!

Alicia said...

I wanna come to one of your family reunions!! The activities are hilarious!! I love the pyramid, but especially your kids and their air rock band!
P.S. Are you gonna change your name to five star mom?

LKP said...

you have THE most adorable family! =)

Dandee said...

It wouldn't be a true to life picture if Baden's trunks weren't about to slide off his hips.

Ben and Alissa said...

Looks so fun! Chandler said he won the belly flop competition. I love having him in my primary class, by the way.