Saturday, May 23, 2009


My sweet neighbor Marilyn knocked on my door Friday afternoon. As I opened the door the 3 boys and Kate barreled down the stairs to greet her. She looked at them and then me with Clara in my arms and said, "Natasha, you are so lucky! Look at them. You are so lucky!" It lifted my spirits. I needed that reminder.

After she left I thought how different I would have felt had she come in and said, "You have got your hands full!" or "Five kids! What were you thinking?" I'm sure I would have felt overwhelmed and crazy!

But instead, I felt lucky. And I am!

So when the going gets tough, I'm going to remember: I am lucky!

I'm also going to remember: Positive remarks can make or break someone's day.

Keep it positive. We're all lucky. Don't you think?


Emily Ferrell said...

Thanks for the post Natasha. It lifted my spirits. Having a newborn can be hard but I am also lucky that I have 3 healthy and beautiful children. I need to keep reminding myself of that when things are crazy and I am tired.

rip said...

Lucky you, Lucky me, Thanks for the reminder:)

Katie said...

Ah man, I havne't been on the blogs lately (I'm sure you can imagine why :) ) and I LOVE all your pics! Yes, you're lucky (blessed) it what you'ld like :)
My favorite is of you and your sisters all preggo. That one will be treasured by all your family forever :)
John will be home next week for good. Yippee! We need to set a BBQ date and let our mobs run wild :)

LKP said...

well said. thank you for the splash of perspective. =) too easy we get bogged down by a distorted idea of what we THINK our life is, when in actuality its MUCH MUCH better than we recognize. great little life moment! thanks.

Brenda said...

Thank you Natasha - You are so inspiring... I have been keeping an eye on your little family, I need to come and visit, what a BAD friend I am! I love the beauty that is always found on your blog...You can always lift my spirits...