Friday, January 23, 2009

Wanna go for a swim

These gray skies are driving me batty.
So are my kids, stir crazy I tell ya!
And what's up with no school on Monday?
Are you nodding your head in agreement?
I've got a solution.
Swim party. At the farm.
And no, I'm not crazy, it's indoors.
So bring your suits, floaties and towels.
And you have two choices:
Come between either
or 1-3.
We'll be around for both.
I plan on getting these bundles of energy nice and tired.
So come one come all and
email me if you need directions.


Chief Momma said...

We are SOOO there!

Shayla said...

Oh, now this sounds like fun! I am just about going out of my mind with kids home sick all week and no way out of here. :-) Hopefully all the antibiotics will have done their jobs by Monday and we can come too!

Jodi said...

That sounds like a lot of fun - are you sure it's open to everyone? Remember, I have 4 crazy boys if you want to rethink that. If not - I'm going to try and be there.

LKP said...

open to EVERYone? even one crazy daisy and her mom? =)

Katie said...

Oh I would totally be there, but we had another throw-up episode last night! This makes almost 2 weeks of someone throwing up! Why can't everyone just get it at once?! Super idea. I love a good swim party in Jan!

Alicia said...

I wanted to come so badly but I did something to my back over the weekend and was laid up yesterday. Soooo wish we could have come. I might have some sanity left if we did.

Nicki said...

Hope you had fun. I love no school days. We sleep in and do a whole lot of nothing. Can't wait for summer.

Deborama said...

WHAT how did I miss this! I want to go! We did nothing! :(