Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Snapshots

Dear Santa, I don't like you but I still want you to bring me a doll.
(Luckily we got a better shot earlier in the day when we went to visit Santa)

Monkey see, monkey do.
(of course I had to take a picture)

Brown paper packages tied up with string...
My solution to keep curious hands (mostly Kate) from the presents.
I knew there was a reason for all that empty space above the cabinets.

Chandler and Brian singing at the ward Christmas party.
Spectacular performance. Of course I'm a little biased.
A new favorite Christmas song.
(We'd tried all week long trying to convince Chandler to sing with him, bribing him with anything imaginable. Finally, Saturday morning I asked him if he'd sing if his grandmas came. "Yes." If only I knew it would be so simple. Why do I always forget it's the simple things that work?)

Looks like my wish for no school isn't going to happen.
I'm off to perfect some Christmas treats. Warm wishes.


Emily Ferrell said...

Where is the video of them singing? I would love to hear it. I didn't know Brian could sing. It looks like you guys are going to have a wonderful Christmas. I loved your Christmas card. Do you guys know what you are having yet?

Alicia said...

I meant to tell you that night how much I LOVE it when they sing. It seriously makes me want to cry, hearing Chandler's sweet, pure little voice singing loud and strong with his dad, hitting every note perfectly. It was so priceless.

Katie said...

Hey there, great 2008 santa pic! I just posted mine too. At least none of your kids are picking their nose in your picture! Hope you guys are doing good. When are you due?

Dandee said...

Love the santa pic, the brown paper packages, and bribery. Happy 2 hour delay!

Jami said...

I wanna see a video of them singing too! Or maybe they can do a repeat performance for us on Christmas! Chandler is a great performer...he'd probably break dance to their song for us if we asked.

Davis Family said...

Because I teach the primary songs to Chandler in primary I get to take credit for his singing right? Just kidding, they did great, thanks for forcing him to share!