Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just the facts, mam

Wow it's been awhile. Not only does the laundry, cleaning, paperwork and grocery shopping go by the wayside when one finds herself nauseas, but blogging does as well. But, Brenda has summoned me from my hibernation. 5 weird facts about me. Maybe they aren't weird, I don't know. Can you relate?

I hate surprises. That's why I always, always look at the back of the book so I can rest assured all will turn out alright. Ok, ok, I've also been known to take a peek at my Christmas presents. But that was in my younger days.

I think going to the hospital to have a baby is the funnest. I seriously get a little jealous when women I know go to have a baby. The anticipation, excitement and I love me an epidural.

I totally fake sleep in the middle of the night when a baby cries or a child comes in our room. I know this is usually the husband's job to fake, but I've reversed the roles. (hope Brian's not reading)

During the heat of the summer when I've had the AC on in the car, after I've arrived at my destination I like to just sit there for awhile as the car heats up. Love it.

I have to paint "toenails" on my pinky toes because mine are basically non-existent. That must be weird because when anyone notices, they say, "that's so weird."

Now, if you find yourself wondering what to do when your husband leaves on a Thursday night to help with an "emergency move" consider yourself tagged.


Shayla said...

So sorry you're still feeling so sick. I totally feel for you, no really...I think about it and I can feel it all over again! And I can't believe you peek at the end of a book before you read can you possibly enjoy reading at all when you know the ending!? That IS weird. :-)

Andrew and Jenna said...

"If I could just open one present!" :) I think we should watch some of your family home videos over Christmas break, what do you think? I can't believe that you hate surprises so much yet you are still not going to find out what the baby is. It's going to drive me nuts!

Jami said...

Jenna stole my only line. But she forgot to say, "I'd do anything...if I could just open one present." You probably knew I would comment about this. You are hilarious.

Vanessa said...

I totally fake being asleep too! Glad to know I'm not the only one :)

LatchKey Photography said...

hahahahahaha! i TOTALLY fake sleep when its up with kid in the middle of the night time too. (seth's a good sport about it though....especially if its cause daisy's sick...he'd rather only have to clean up after one sick girl than both us sick girls)....ALSO, paint my toenails on my pinky toes too! stinkin tiny little themselves nails (sheesh!)
loved reading this natasha. glad i'm not alone. =)